( A )MeeZag (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. Invites builders from all over INDIA as a Partners.Company share its profit among its partners (Builders and Colonizers).Recently company launched its project Tyle4U.com in which builders and colonizers share profit volume by 01 % of total order values placed by an individual /contractor/builder/colonizer/firm. Amount will be calculated and paid annually by the company.Builders/Colonizers are required to purchase their needful items from this site and generate their own revenues themselves only by giving orders for particular items like Tiles, Sanitary wares,Granite slabs,kitchen sinks and other products sale on Tyle4U.com. Once a builder joins the company,the company would maintain their “My Account”. This 1% of benefits on total order values in an year placed by an individual contractor whether he/she is ‘AAA’,’AA’,’A’,’B’,’C’ or ‘D’ class contractor. Their profits margin/share would remain same. Here 1% commission/share/profit/Bonus/Benefit/Rewards equals approximately 15% to 20% of Company’s profit margin earned by company on  orders given by a contractor/builder. Any dispute regarding this partnership policy, company’s decision would be final as company has sole right to add partners and separate partners. Additional reward points would also attached to individual partner on companies will. The Company will keep all personal information of its partners safe and secure ( B ) SHOWROOM PARTNERS-MeeZag ( INDIA ) Pvt.Ltd. decided to go with partners like showroom partners on the 50-50 investment basis.In this era company would invest 50 % of expense on a showroom with its partner.Remaining 50% amount has to be paid by individual partner.Individual partner has to deposit an amount of 20 lacks in company for “A” class city and 15 lacks for “B” class city and 10 lacks for “C” class city. “A” class cities are those which has population more than 20 lacks. In “B” class city population is between 10 to 15 lacks and in “C” class city population is below 10 lacks.

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