Royal Touch Vitrified Tiles

Royale Touche Vitrified Tiles is the perfect flooring and wall decor solution for your home. It is designed around every domestic needs. It withstands high traffic, wear and tear and scratches without losing that great look of finish. Our range of tiles consists of soluble salt, nano technology and double charged tiles. It includes breathtaking ranges of floor tiles, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, elevations tiles and parking tiles.

Royale Touche tiles designed to match almost any interior or exterior theme or design. They not only add to the decor of an environment but also deliver exceptional durability.


Nano Technology

Nano technology has to do with a micro scale measured in nano metres (1 billionth of a metre, which is roughly 1000th of the thickness of a human hair). In ceramics, tiles faces are coated with nano-sized ceramic particles that penetrate micro pores of the surface with the help of suitable suspension agents, all applied under very high pressure with a special imported machine. Such nano technology helps the tiles face gain a never-before glossiness of at least 95%. Along with other desirable characteristics like skid resistance, stain resistance, durability and easy maintenance.

The NANO advantages

  •   Example of check at 2x More than 95% glossiness
  •   Example of check at 2x Smooth, homogeneous surf
  •   Example of check at 2x Stain free
  •   Example of check at 2x Durable
  •   Example of check at 2x Low maintenance
  •   Example of check at 2x Environment-friendly nano tech coating material

3D Effect

Stereoscopic Vision or 3D technology emulates how we are accustomed to see the world. It is a unique eye-brain combination which allows us to properly judge distances and depths between objects and destinations. Since time immemorial artists have been striving to recreate this stereoscopic effect with only a fair amount of success. Sculptures have been most successful in emulating this 3-D effect! Today, we have many techniques and technologies to produce stereoscopic images. Royale Touche Vitrified Tiles promises to light up your homes and offices with a path-breaking technology that will give you a taste of the esoteric.

  •   Example of check at 2xWITH GENERATION – NEW EDGE TECHNOLOGY
  •   Example of check at 2x3D EFFECTS
  •   Example of check at 2xMULTI CHARGED 
  •   Example of check at 2xGVT & PGVT, SLIM TILES, WALL TILES upcoming with new technology.

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