CP Fittings


Apart from the jaw dropping designs and eye catching lustre, Flitz products exhibit some distinctly unique features to fall for, adding to the element of irresistibility.

The Japanese Resilient Ceramic Disc

Alumina is one of the hardest known material after diamond and that is what our japanese technology ceramic discs are made of and filtted onto all our quarter turn ranges.

The European Superior & Heavy-Duty Catridge

Our assurance of quality and performance on par with infornational brands has led to us fitting European Catridges for all our single lever range.

The British Stand Ever Lasting High Gloss Fittings

Our ranges of kitchen and bathroom faucets have a four layer coating of nickel and chromium in accordance to British Standards service condition no. 2 & 3.

Launching For The First Time In India Wall Mixer With Fitting Cartridges

Here is a wall mixer with smooth movement at a half turn, with dual functionality for both shower head and spout for ease of use.

The German Flawless From Flow Aerators

Want a picture perfect foam of aerated water than nothing beats our honey comb from the world leader,A German Brand.Enjoy the foam filled stream of aerated water with the right mix air with water which does not splash or spill.


Right from designing till it is packaged, every Flitz product undergoes intense scrutiny at each stage. Quality practices are stringently followed. All products confidently carry a SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY.

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